25.11.2018 - Hürriyet Newspaper : Erkanlı Holding will turn empty buildings into student housing complexes.
25.11.2018 - Posta Newspaper: Now is the time to buy a student house
25.11.2018 - Günes Newspaper: 215 Million TL investments in student houseing projects
23.11.2018 - Sözcü Newspaper: 375 million Lira for student housing projects. It's Izmir and Istanbul's turns
04.12.2018 - Economist Magazine : Erkanlı is going to turn unfinished projects into student housing projets
23.11.2018 - Milliyet Newspaper: Will make investments for student housing campuses
23.11.2018 - Star Newspaper: Univa opens, along with two more cities
23.11.2018 - Akşam Newspaper: With student housing campuses, both investors and families win
23.11.2018 - Dünya Newspaper: Erkanlı will turn housing stock into student houses
23.11.2018 - Türkiye Newspaper: Will merge along with the stocks of student houses
22.10.2018 - Hürriyet Newspaper: Student houses is sold to foreigners
21.10.2018 - Sözcü Newspaper: ً We've formed brand of student housing with foreigners
18.10.2018 - Cumhuriyet Newspaper: The Foreign demand for UNIVA
08.10.2018 - Posta Newspaper: Middle Eastern Request for Student Houses
07.10.2018- Star Newspaper: Jordanian Investors Arrive at UNIVA
Vatan Newspaper: 120 Investments from Jordan
02.10.2018 - Milliyet Newspaper: Great Jordan Investments in Student Housing
Dunya Construction Newspaper: The map of university students' needs has been analyzed
Hürriyet Emlak: Univa Student Residence Project Soldout!
HaberTurk Newspaper : All Student Houses in Univa Sakarya were Sold.
29.08.2018 - Hürriyet Newspaper: Map of University Students' needs
Ekonomist Magazine - Researches regarding universities
20.08.2018 - Milliyet Newspaper: Students find the student residences unsufficient
08.08.2018 - Posta Newspaper: Survey of Tog (Community Volunteers Foundation) and Univa
08.08.2018 - Dünya Newspaper: Survey of Tog (Community Volunteers Foundation) and Univa
10.04.2018 - Sözcü Newspaper: Arabs purchased 260 Houses forthright
11.04.2018 - Star Newspaper: Arab Investor Comes to Student Houses in Sakarya
08.08.2018 - Cumhuriyet Newspaper: The most important elements in accommodation choices
07.04.2018 - Milliyet Newspaper: Foreigners realized a collective purchase from UNIVA.
Haberturk Newspaper: Arab Investors purchased 260 Houses forthright
09.03.2018 - New Trend Student House Campuses in Yapı Trend Investment
01.01.2018 - FORTUNE TURKEY Student Houses Will Create Difference
... - ST Construction Magazine
17.12.2017 - Yeni Şafak Newspaper
17.01.2017 - Sözcü Newspaper
23.12.2016 - Posta Newspaper: Alternative Investment in Real Estate
12.12.2016 - Para Magazine: Now it is Istanbul's Turn
Akşam Newspaper: Dormitory Investments Return Back in 8 Years
01.12.2016 - Sabah Newspaper: Instead of buying a house, just buy a dormitory
28.11.2016 - Milliyet Newspaper: UNIVA Student Houses Project from Erkanlı Group
05.10.2016 - Star Newspaper: Erkanlı İnşaat initiaded the trend of "Instead of buying a house, just buy a dormitory"
06.12.2016 - Platin Magazine: Period of investment to student houses start
11.10.2016 - Bloomberg: Instead of buying a house, just buy a dormitory
10.10.2016 - Posta Newspaper: Instead of buying a house, just buy a dormitory
12.10.2016 - Hürriyet Newspaper: Focus on Dormitories
18.10.2015 - Hürriyet Newspaper: Investments will be drawn by students houses
17.10.2015 - Sabah Newspaper: Student dormitory for TL 800 a month
15.11.2015 - Ekonomist: Thers is a focuse on needs-oriented real estate
08.11.2015 - Haberturk Newspaper: Alternative real estate investments are sought.
13.11.2015 - World: Over 3,000 requests were received for student houses.
27.11.2015 - Star Real Estate: Huge preliminary demand for Univa Student
01.11.2015 - Construction and Investment: Investment of 126 million TL from Erkanlı Group
01.11.2015 - Construction World: 8 years self-depreciating investment opportunity
13.11.2015 - Yeni Şafak Newspaper: 3 thousand preliminary request in Sakarya
01.12.2015 - Plus News: UNIVA student Residence received a huge preliminary request.
17.10.2015 - Posta Newspaper: Student houses are coming from Erkanlı
14.11.2017 - Sözcü Newspaper: A Special Project for the Students
15.11.2017 - Posta Newspaper: Exclusive to Students
17.10.2014 - Vatan Newspaper: 126 million TL investment in student houses in Sakarya
17.10.2015 - Vatan Newspaper: A thousand and twenty four room student house from Erkanlı to Sakarya
18.10.2015 - Akşam Newspaper: Erkanlı will be building student houses
01.12.2015 - Construction World: Received over 3,000 pre-orders.
20.10.2015 - Sözcü Newspaper: Student houses are sold with TL 950 installments
01.02.2018 - Industry Promotion Goal, Turkey's largest student house
06.02.2018 - Sözcü Newspaper: 5 year rental income guarantee with student houses
07.02.2018 - Takvim Newspaper: Univa will be hosting 10 thousand students
... - Akşam Online: New trend for real estate
... - Hürriye Online: The new trend is student house campuses
... - Sabah Online: The new trend for the real estate is student houses
10.11.2017 - Yeni Sakarya Newspaper: The second stage from Erkanlı Group
10.11.2017 - Yeni Sakarya Newspaper: The second stage from Erkanlı Group
11.10.2017 - Sakarya New News Newspaper: Sales continuine at Univa
11.10.2017 - Ada Postası Newspaper: Second Stage sales at Univa
11.11.2017 - Yeni Şafak Newspaper: Dense demand for student houses
11.11.2017 - Takvim Newspaper: Univa initiated second stage sales
11.11.2017 - Sakarya Halk Newspaper: Second stage sales has started
11.11.2017 - Hürses Newspaper: Second Stage sales has started at Univa
12.11.2017 - Ortadoğu Newspaper: Second Stage sales has started at Univa
12.11.2017 - Karar Newspaper: TL 2500 rental income at UNIVA
13.11.2017 - Akşam Newpaper: Second stage sales is starting at UNIVA
20.11.2017 - Dünya Newspaper: UNIVA will be a chain with Student Houses and will globalize
13.11.2018 - What is an Alternative Investment Project in the Construction Sector?
Sign of the City Awards 2016
UNIVA Launch